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Projet handiCAP’24
Le Musée des 24 Heures-Circuit de la Sarthe répond aux enfants
2014 un Musée numérique
Les ateliers expo de Léon: Matra
Exposition: Matra, la France gagne en Sarthe



Start date: January 31, 2014

End date: April 13, 2014

Exposition L’Art et les 24 Heures


Pour son premier grand rendez-vous de l’année, le Musée aborde l’histoire des 24 Heures par un prisme artistique.


Hiring A Luxury Car – A Few Points You Must Not Miss Out On While Traveling Abroad

Hiring a luxury car is not an easy job because there are many options available today. Often excess supply could lead to confusion and push customers into a state of indecision. The same is the case with hiring of a luxury or exotic car rental. If you open the internet you will certainly come across scores of websites, advertisements and other pieces of information talking about various brands of luxury cars which are available on hire. Each one has its own special features to offers and therefore there is bound to be a bit of confusion and indecision. Hence if you are keen on hiring these luxury cars either for a few hours, days or perhaps even for a longer period, you must bear in mind a few important facts and things. First and you must be clear about the purpose for which you want to take on hire these cars. This will determine the budget which you need to set apart. You must be aware that hiring luxury cars is often an expensive affair for those who belong to the middle class group. It might even call for saving money regularly to be able to afford for hiring this car, especially for long tours and travels. Hence, affordability is the most important primary attribute to be kept in mind while hiring luxury cars.

Since hiring luxury cars is an expensive proposition you must be ready to bargain hard on the rates. This will be possible only if you are well informed and take time to get in touch with as many number of service providers as possible. You will be able to know more about the hourly rates, the rates charged on mileage basis or basic minimum rates, night halt rates and so on. You can then compare the various rates and choose the right service provider who offers you the best deal. This will call for patience and acting well before the event. For example, if you look for renting in L.A. a Lamborghini or Ferrari exotic car in the last moment it is quite likely that you will end up making mistakes and miss out of the best deals.

The days on which you hire the cars could also make a difference. It has been generally found that weekend rates of luxury cars are cheaper when compared to week days. Further when you have special events and occasions like Christmas and New Year it is likely that you will see a big spike in the rates of luxury cars. Further whenever high school children come out of their final years, during such periods also you could find that the rates of certain makes and models of luxury cars go up. Therefore you must know all these facts beforehand which will help you to find the best service providers and also choose the right timing. Finally you must ensure that the quality of the hired cars is good and they are roadworthy at all points of time.